Senior Python Engineer

Would you like to make magic with a fast-growing SaaS in Intelligent Automation?

Let me first enlighten you on who we are and what we do at Working in Brussels

We build a bridge between companies offering benefits and modern workers' expectations.

We challenge the status quo and propose a salary package that includes high-end coliving accommodation. Just like a company car, but here it’s a cool accommodation and a real-life enriching experience that we offer! Bye to the rent and charges, and hello to sunset gin tonics, and a happy savings account that grows every month!

A package that incorporates talents’ whole life into account, this is the raison d'être of Working in Brussels!

You got it? We are the unique “Job + Co-living” Belgian player!

And what about our client? Who are they? What do they do?

Bertrand and Pol first crossed paths 13 years ago while working together on a project at a large global consulting firm. Fast forward to 2018, during a summer barbecue, they both realised they wanted to create something with the potential to outgrow themselves, something that could change the world. They decided to take the leap and quit their jobs to start an exciting entrepreneurial journey.

Together, they created a solution that optimises everyone's time by automating cognitive tasks, both repetitive and complex, through Intelligent Automation.

They spent considerable time building their product, but now that they have it secure, highly performant, working under real-life imperfect conditions and easy to set up and integrate, sky is their only limit and they see things BIG! This is why their company is one of the most promising SaaS in Intelligent Automation! But this wouldn't have been possible without the talent and work of their 20 collaborators! All in their 20's and 30's, they all believe that automation is so much more than having the best Machine Learning models with high accuracy, it's about creating real business value!

Today, they are looking for a Senior Python Engineer that will bring its experiences, best coding practices, and a collaborative attitude to help the team accomplish its bold ambitions.

What you’ll do

Contribute to or lead development on a SaaS product with a modern stack

Ensure best coding practices are adhered to throughout the company

Work closely with other engineers (AI/front-end/infra) to align all development efforts

Solve coding problems and eliminate performance bottlenecks

Advance the various aspects of their self-learning product in line with their roadmap

Above all, ship lots of high-quality code in every sprint!!!

The job is perfect for you if

You are a Python expert

You have at least 3 years of experience working with Modern Python ideally in an agile team

You have experience building a modern SaaS stack:

API frameworks in Python (e.g. Django, Flask, …)

NoSQL Databases and ODM (e.g. mongoDB)

Task brokers and message queues (e.g. celery + AMQP + redis)

General software design pattern knowledge and PEP8

CI/CD and pipelines (Github, Gitlab, Jenkins or Bitbucket)

Cloud infrastructure: AWS, Azure or GCP

Unit and integration testing, including advanced mocking

Benefits & Perks

A dynamic international team with a start-up/bootstrap culture that encourages freedom, creativity, and collaboration

A competitive salary with the possibility to include co-living accommodation in the package

Unique coding and technical challenges with many opportunities to learn and grow your skills

The recruitment process

Let’s meet one of our team members and explore opportunities

If so, you will then meet Carla, the head of HR

A small business case with Jens, the Head of Product, will be held to validate your skills & mindset.

You will meet the founders and the rest of the team as well

Get on board with the most promising SaaS in Intelligent Automation!

Apply now! We can't wait to meet you :)