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This is not a traditional young-start-up job post

In fact, you might have come across so many amazing, outstanding, dynamic start-up that want to change the world. But have you ever wondered at the end of your reading, what makes them so unique and different?

Well, let me tell you our story...

I am Lola Mertens, and together with Pierre Focant, we launched Working in Brussels during summer 2019. I had just finished my studies in Hotel Management and I received a call from my school coordinator telling me that there might be a great opportunity for me... Pretty vague, but enough to tease me. This is how I met Pierre. He told me his story and I remember thinking "this guy is totally crazy... and he should write a book about his life!". The 4th of July 2019, this is where it all began!

We both believed that the upcoming worker generation has different needs, new expectations and a new vision of their work life. The perfect job isn't about a title, a company name or a gross salary package anymore... Our society is perpetually changing, and during his career, Pierre witnessed the toughness of the talent war. If you are interested in HR, you already know it! It is obvious, companies must adapt and re-think their recruiting offer to keep attracting the best profiles!

The business model was well thought out: combining the recruitment business and the co-living business to create a new added value on the market. On one hand, we help companies finding the right talents for their development and the young people finding a job that really makes sense for them. And on the other hand, we invest in high end co-living accommodation. We then propose to include the co-living experience in the salary package of the candidate that we employ, and that work to our client. Just like a company car, but here it's a cool accommodation!

This is a perfect example of co-creation but also a real solution to the societal evolution that we face! We aim to make things change, to recruit differently, based on the personality. We want to empower people, make them grow! We want to give them access to a high-end place to live and that is comfortable enough to homework, an affordable autonomy and a better quality of life. We take all those things very seriously, and it crafted our core values: we want to have an impact, work with enthusiast and committed people, and bring a human-centric approach.

Here we are, two years later, fifteen open positions lined up, looking for a second co-living house, we just launched our international branch in Lyon and we are now recruiting our first internal collaborator : a BADASS recruiter that will align with our values, think as big as our ambitions, help us scale our business and grow along with us, be involved in the whole recruitment process, from the client brief to writing a job ad, sourcing and select candidates, contacting them, running interviews, coach the candidates and follow them in their development.

Who wants to join us, break the rules and have a real impact in the recruitment sector?

If you do so, send us your dream recruiter job description! Yes, let's reverse the trend: we want you to tell us what are YOU looking for!

I told you... we don't play by the rules at Working in Brussels!