Human Resources & Co-living

We have reinvented the recruiting business and created a new valuable offer for you to keep attracting the best profiles for your company.

A unique concept

The upcoming worker generation has different needs, new expectations and a new vision of their work life.

The perfect job isn't about a title, a company name or an exciting salary package anymore...

Societal evolution is a fact and we all must adapt.

This is our raison d'être !

And this is why we created a service that enables you to offer future collaborators an innovative salary package that includes,

as a benefit in kind, the co-living experience...

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Testimonials !

We are very enthusiastic! The candidate represents exactly what we are looking for. Thank you for the excellent follow up and for the great atmosphere coming with the process. We loved it!

Béatrice, CEO

Thank you for the sunshine that you’ve added to this process! It has made all the difference :)

Tarryn, a talent

I would like to thank you for the introduction, for your professionalism and all your efforts! Also thank you for your help and highly appreciated work ethic.

Michaël, a talent

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